Pier Gonella

I began playing guitar when I was fifteen. I spent the following years studing technique, theory and classical guitar. After playing for years in various rock and metal bands, I began recording demos to found a metal band, capturing the attention of several productors and musicians. In 2003 I became member of Labyrinth. I played with this band for 5 years, releasing 2 albums, 1 Dvd, and making many gigs and 2 Japan tours. Than I entered Necrodeath band, releasing 9 albums , 1 Dvd, and making 3 european tour. On 2008 I founded the band Mastercastle. We released the album The Phoenix on 2009, Last Desire on 2010, Dangerous Diamonds on 2011, On Fire on 2013, Enfer [De La Bibliothèque Nationale] on 2014, Wine of Heaven on 2017. Since 2007 I use "Carlo Pierini"guitars and Masotti amps esclusively. I released more than albums till now and I actually play permanently with Mastercastle, Necrodeath and Vanexa bands, but I worked and I actually work also as guest musician, recording guitars for many albums and collaborations, or playing live on tour. On 2007 I started building my recording studio, for the production of my bands and for my guitar school. On 2011 I officially opened the structure to all with the name of "MusicArt".

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